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What happens if your car becomes a victim of small dents - what do you do? Paintless Dent Repair is the best solution. Dents can vary from small dents caused by hail, to major body damage following a car accident. PDR is a process of getting rid the small dents out of the motor body. Small dent repair Rochester is effective at treating small dents because it leaves your car's paint intact. It is good to use PDR on aluminum and steel panels. With the growing popularity of this technology, PDR has become an outstanding and effective way to get that small dent repair done. PDR is the best and new trick in town unlike, the traditional methods fills the dent and matches with the car exterior. How does PDR work in restoring small dent repair done?

Dent Repair Rochester NY

  1. Assess the Damage.

The initial step is to get to the bottom line of the damage. Locate the small dent repair and assess the level of magnitude of the dent. Upon assessing of the dent, determine if PDR would work effectively in restoring back the situation. It is true that most of the dents are removed by Paintless Dent Removal; 80-90%. Set the stage for the area to be repaired.

  1. Gain Entry to the Dent.

Dent repair requires that the backside of the dent should be accessed. This calls for a smart removal of the body panels, tail lights and the interior panels. For the small dent repair, there is the need for a pathway leading to the dent. Upon gaining entry to the dent, small dent repair starts. These calls for precision and expertise of high-level technicians handle the repair.

  1. Get a Better Look at the Dent.

Professional will use a special light board to have a better look of the dent. The board works best in displaying the shadow of the dent; this points out the in wide perspective where the tools should be placed to bring back the original nature of the body.

  1. Use Slow Pressure to Work out the Small dent repair.

PDR uses the high technological tools to message back the body to its initial stage.

PDR is the best way to get back your car body to its initial state. It keeps your original paint finish, avoids the problem of the color mismatch, reduces small dent repair time, environmentally friendly and helps maintain your bottom line. If you have any questions about small dent repair Rochester, please give us a call at (585) 471-6566 and we will give you a free quote.

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