Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Paintless Dent Repair?
A. Paintless Dent Repair(PDR) is a process used by technicians to remove minor dings and dents without any disturbance to the paint on the vehicle. This is done by patiently applying pressure from the other side of the dent. Sometimes, specialized tools are employed for this purpose.

Q. What benefits does PDR provide?
A. Quality. This method is the best for fixing dents and the end result usually looks as if the dent has never happened in first place. Also, the original factory paint that is immensely valuable is not disturbed. It is also much less costly than typical repairs that cost between $300-$400, while PDR can often get the same job done for much less. You can give us a call at (585) 471-6566 for a free quote.

Q. Will my dents be 100% removed?
A. In most cases, yes. But if the dent is very large, there is chance that it will not be 100% gone. However, people are often surprised seeing how effective PDR is on even the largest dents.

Q. Will there be any damage to my paint?
A. No. The factory paints in today's market are extremely flexible and no damage whatsoever is done by this process. Most of the work is done from the inside of the body panel, leaving the painted area free.

Q. How long does the process take?
A. The time required is much less than traditional processes. An expert technician can fix a dent of any size well within 24 hours. That is the worst case scenario. Typically it does not take more than a couple of hours to fix the normal dents. Additionally, our mobile dent service means that you often don't even need to bring your car into our garage; we can come to you instead.

Q. Can all panels be accessed?
A. The typical design of today's vehicles has about 5% panel area that is inaccessible. We need a minimum gap between the panels to send in out tools and work on the panels. However, this is rare. Usually these inaccessible areas are not where dents happen anyway.

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